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Cricket Bats Clearance

Enter our cricket bat clearance sale for up to half price on bargain cricket bats. View cricket bat deals today.

Batting Gloves Clearance

‘Glove’ a great deal? Enter this fantastic batting glove clearance sale for bargain batting gloves of outstanding quality & value.

Batting Pads Clearance

Browse bargain batting pads in this incredible batting legguard clearance, including Puma, Adidas, Gray-Nicolls, GM & more.

Wicket Keeping Clearance

Browse this fantastic wicketkeeping sale and catch a bargain today! Pro-quality, bargain wicketkeeping gloves & pads by famous brands.

Cricket Helmet Clearance

Buy a bargain cricket helmet in our Batting Helmet Clearance, which typically includes quality helmets by Masuri, Gray-Nicolls, Albion & more.

Cricket Bags Clearance

Bag a bargain in the Cricket Direct Cricket Bag Clearance Sale. Outstanding value cricket bags& cricket bat covers by the foremost brands.

Cricket Footwear Clearance

Browse pro-quality, bargain cricket shoes in our Cricket Footwear Sale, which typically includes bowling boots and regular cricket spikes.