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Buy pro-quality, affordable cricket bats online from Cricket Direct – the world's finest online cricket bat retailer.

Quick links: Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bats, GM Cricket Bats, Kookaburra Cricket Bat, Adidas Cricket Bat, Puma Cricket Bats

Looking to climb the batting averages in 2015? Browse an unrivalled selection of cricket bats 2015 from Cricket Direct UK – your pioneering online cricket shop. We source the very best cricket bats from around the world, crafted by distinguished cricket brands like Gunn and Moore, Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, Puma, Adidas, Spartan, MRF, Ton, New Balance and many more. Excel at your game by relying on the brands that are at the very of theirs – you will simply not find a more comprehensive range of senior cricket bats or junior cricket bats on the internet. If you are unsure which cricket bat is the right model for you, please Contact us and we can help you make an informed decision. Game on.

Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bats

Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bats have a long, proud tradition of producing ultimate quality Cricket Bats. England captain Alastair Cook endorses Gray-Nicolls.

Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats

Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats are born through 130 years’ manufacturing experience. GM Six6, Octane, Argon, Icon and Purist Cricket Bats available.

Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Kookaburra Cricket Bats are renowned for exceptional power and fantastic sweet spots without compromising on pick-up and playability.

Adidas Cricket Bats

Adidas cricket bats 2015 include Libro and Pellara, and are very popular due to their powerful, contemporary profiles.

Puma Cricket Bats

Puma cricket bats 2015 boast ultra-cool designs, but they're not just a pretty face – you’ll discover superb power and pick-up. Shop now.

Newbery Cricket Bats

Newbery are UK cricket bat makers of real distinction. Respect for both tradition and transition make Newbery Cricket Bats a wise choice.

Spartan Cricket Bats

Spartan cricket bats 2015 (MC, CG, MSD and more) are endorsed by Michael Clarke, Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni and Eoin Morgan. Join the Spartan Cricket hall of fame today.

MRF Cricket Bats

Want to buy Virat Kohli’s cricket bat or Shikhar Dhawan’s cricket bat? Click to browse this fantastic collection of MRF cricket bats UK.

Millichamp & Hall Cricket Bats

Millichamp and Hall Cricket Bats, handmade from the M&H workshop, are crafted using the finest quality English willow clefts.

TON Cricket Bats

Score a ton with a powerful Ton cricket bat – these powerful cricket bats will make those boundaries appear closer.

CA Cricket Bats

Click to browse powerful, stylish CA Cricket Bats UK.

BAS Cricket Bats

BAS Cricket Bats and BAS Junior Cricket Bats offer a potent supply of 'Explosive Power'! Turn those fours into sixes!

New Balance Cricket Bats

View stunning New Balance cricket bats UK - a brand new addition to Cricket Direct's unrivalled selection of 2015 cricket bats. Shop now.

SF Cricket Bats

Stanford Cricket Bats combine technology and tradition with quality materials and great styling. Affordable & powerful cricket bats.

PR Cricket Bats

Cricket Direct sources the very best cricket bats worldwide and we’re proud to introduce this range of PR cricket bats. Outstanding quality and value.

Hunts County Cricket Bats

Hunts County cricket bats are renowned for their traditional aesthetics, extensive weight range, great power and exceptional craftsmanship.

Slazenger Cricket Bats

Slazenger Cricket Bats 2015 include the V-Series and Pro Tour range. Slazenger cricket has been endorsed by legends like Viv Richards, Alec Stewart and Jacques Kallis.

Junior Cricket Bats

Unrivalled selection of junior cricket bats by pro brands, including: Puma, Gray-Nicolls, GM, Kookaburra, Adidas & more.

Women's Cricket Bats

View quality women’s cricket bats designed specifically for women’s cricket, which has become vastly popular over the last decade.

Light Cricket Bats

Exceptional playability and freedom. These light cricket bats and extra light cricket bats provide feather-light pick-ups and high bat speeds.

Salix Cricket Bats

Salix cricket bats are the product of exceptional craftsmanship, skilled finishing and the best English willow. Optimum performance.

Chase Cricket Bats

A fine range of Chase Cricket Bats, including: Four Leaf, Volante, Lancer, Finback and Junior Cricket Bats.

Aero Cricket Bats

Aero Cricket Bats represent both quality and affordability, so why not depend on the brand that brought you the legendary Aero ‘Strippers’.

Mongoose Cricket Bats

Mongoose cricket bats embrace cutting edge craftsmanship, producing cricket bats that deliver unrivalled power and bat speed.

Reebok Cricket Bats

Boundaries appear smaller with Reebok Cricket Bats, which have been endorsed by some destructive international batsmen. Powerful profiles.

Ihsan Cricket Bats

Ihsan Cricket Bats deliver power and precision. Enter our Ihsan Cricket Bat store to view high quality blades.

Cricket Bat Sale

View this fine collection of great value cricket bats in our online cricket bat sale – fantastic quality cricket bats from our 2014 collection.

Cricket Bat Clearance

Buy a bargain cricket bat in our cricket bat clearance – massive savings on both senior and junior cricket bats. Limited stock, everything must go.

Pro Zone Elite Cricket Bats

Browse high quality cricket bats by the mighty brands of Gray-Nicolls, GM, Adidas, Spartan and many more. Ultimate elite quality is just a few clicks away.

Twenty20 Cricket Bats

Hit boundaries galore with hard hitting Twenty20 Cricket Bats. What T20 Cricket Bat will you pick as your lethal weapon?

Kashmir willow Cricket Bats

View Kashmir willow cricket bats by famous brands like Kookaburra and GM – low cost cricket bats aimed at beginners and occasional players.

Great Value Children’s Cricket Bats

Browse low cost junior cricket bats and great value children’s cricket bats by famous cricket brands. Ideal for beginners.

Nike Cricket Bats

Nike is a sporting giant thathas offered its sporting excellence to the cricket field. Buy Nike Cricket Bats in our online cricket store.

Bradbury Cricket Bats

Delivering innovative design, large profiles and quality willow, Bradbury Cricket Bats should be considered for your next Cricket Bat purchase.

AS Cricket Bats

AS Cricket Bats and AS Junior Cricket Bats represent great value and are typically ideal for aggressive stroke-makers.

BoomBoom Cricket Bats

Allowing a supreme level of playability and boasting impressive aesthetics, BoomBoom Cricket Bats are ideal for attacking batsmen.


When buying a new cricket bat there are a number of factors to look out for. In order to avoid disappointment, we hope we can help you make an informed decision. If you are unsure about what type of cricket bat to buy or you or would like assistance in buying the correct junior cricket bat for your son or daughter then this cricket bat buyers' guide is well worth a read. It will help you to determine the various design features, qualities, materials and services available to you. You can also find useful information on cricket bat sizes in our cricket bat size guide.


Cricket bats can be expensive but you can rest assured that you will be getting great value when you purchase from Cricket Direct's online cricket bat shop. And don't worry about buying cricket bats online; like most consumer goods, more and more buyers are purchasing cricket bats over the web every year. And, of course, you're covered by our returns policy. About 90% of our UK orders are dispatched immediately on next day delivery. These orders can usually be received within two days but this is subject to stock levels and varies during peak times. Cricket Direct also delivers cricket bats worldwide. Please browse our delivery information.


If you need any further guidance to buying a cricket bat, feel free to send us an email: or call 084 52 30 30 52. We want you to make an educated decision.


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