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Whatever cricket protection you require, Cricket Direct has all the protective gear to keep you safe and confident at the crease.

Quick links: Aero Protection, Thigh Guards, Arm Guards, Protective Shorts

Be prepared for cricketing battle by purchasing essential cricket protective equipment. Gloves and pads are a given, but have you thought about thigh guards, arm guards, chest guards, abdominal guards and the like? Stay safe and maximise your confidence at the crease.

Thigh guards

Browse pro-quality Cricket Thigh Guards by leading brands like: Aero, Kookaburra, Gray-Nicolls & Gunn & Moore. Inner thigh pads available.

Inner Thigh Guards

Maximise Lower Body Protection with an Inner Thigh Pad – vital for competitive club cricketers and those seeking ultimate confidence & protection.

Arm Guards

Maximise confidence and protection with a Cricket Arm Guard. Depend on top brands like Kookaburra, Gray-Nicolls, Aero and Slazenger.

Protective short & Strippers

Cutting edge Protective Cricket Shorts, offering unrivalled all-round Lower Body Protection. Aero Strippers & Shock Doctor Reflex 5 Pad Shorts available.

Chest Guards

Our Cricket Chest Guards are made from the foremost Cricket Protection brands, such as Kookaburra, Aero, Gray-Nicolls & Puma. Take guard.

Fielder Pads

Cricket Fielding Pads by Aero and Slazenger deliver confidence & protection to excel in a fielding position close to the bat.

Abdo Guards

Whether you call it a Cricket Box, Abdo Guard, Cricket Cup or Pelvic Guard, we’ve got them here. Boys, Youth & Men’s sizes available.

Aero Cricket Protection

Ultimate Cricket Protection. Aero Strippers (P1, P2, P3) & Aero Cricket Guards provide optimum protection, comfort, speed, flexibility & durability.

Gray Nicolls Cricket Protection

Gray-Nicolls Cricket Protection includes pro-quality: Thigh Guards, Inner Thigh Pads, Chest Guards, Arm Guards & Boxes. Protection. Confidence. Comfort.

Kookaburra Cricket Protection

Pro-quality, contemporary Kookaburra Cricket Protection includes: Thigh Pads, Inner Thigh Guards, Chest Guards, Boxes & Arm Guards.

Slazenger Cricket Protection

Stay protected on the cricket field with prestigious English cricket brand Slazenger. Benefit from increased confidence and supreme protection.

Puma Cricket Protection

It’s a shame that ultra-stylish Puma Protective Gear has to be concealed by clothes! Thigh Guards, Boxes, Arm Guards & Chest Guards.

adidas Cricket Protection

Buy Cricket Protection Online by browsing our Adidas Protective Gear, which includes: Thigh Pads, Forearm Guard & Box.

Gunn & Moore Cricket Protection

Guard yourself from the dangers of the modern game by relying on pro-quality Cricket Protection from Gunn & Moore.

Hunts County Cricket Protection

Our Hunts County Cricket Protection range includes thigh guards and arm guards, as well as a protective short, box & chest guard.

Shock Doctor Cricket Protection

Must-see range. Shock Doctor Protective Shorts, Arm Guards & Mouth Guards will instil maximum protection and confidence.

Spartan Cricket Protection

View Spartan Cricket Protection and stay safe on the cricket field by relying on a popular and contemporary brand.

Newbery Cricket Protection

Newbery are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, and their Protective Gear for Cricket mimics the quality of their entire portfolio.

Mongoose Cricket Protection

If you’re looking for a contemporary Thigh Guard, look no further than Mongoose Cricket Protection. Adult & Junior Thigh Pad available.

Salix Cricket Protection

Stay guarded and full of confidence on the cricket field with Salix Cricket Protection.

BoomBoom Protection

BoomBoom Protective Gear: Be protected from the dangers of the modern game by depending on a contemporary cricket brand.