How to defeat your opponent before start of play!

Get the edge over your opposition and help yourself to reach maximum performance levels by taking a gander at our following tips.


Looking and feeling the part can improve personal confidence and help maximise performance, and it also shows the opposing side that you mean business! If you’re part of a team then you should all be wearing the same shirt, jumper and cap – winning a cricket match is a collective effort, so don’t look like a team of individuals! Our custom made clothing department may be of assistance.


It’s difficult to feel confident at the crease unless you are adequately protected. Everyone knows that batting pads and gloves are essential, but you’ll also need a helmet, a thigh guard, inner thigh guard and an arm guard in order to maximise your protection. With the right gear, you’ll feel like you could take on Brett Lee and Michael Holding in their pomp…well, maybe!

Check out our comprehensive range of cricket protection by eminent brands – only the very best will do when your health is at risk.


You don’t need us to tell you that practice makes perfect, so training sessions must be challenging and help develop the skills required to win cricket matches. If your club hasn’t got cricket nets, a crazy catch drill or a bowling machine, then it’s about time you organised a fundraising day so that you can purchase cricket ground equipment or club kit.

And to prove you mean business at cricket training, why not gear up with a specialist cricket training top, hoody and tracksuit bottoms. You’re also need a match-standard cricket ball to aid effective bowling practice. And for you batsmen, you can buy a range of different cricket practice balls to help train your eye and develop your technique against swing bowling.


Make sure you purchase an expertly crafted cricket bat with a formidable sweet spot that will ensure you get maximum value for your shots. Cricket Direct stock an unrivalled collection of high quality cricket bats at affordable prices. We’re also here to help you make the right choice, so please contact us if you have any queries.

Having a professional-standard bat will inform your opposing bowler that you’re a serious batsman. Also, ask a coach or a prominent player at your club to advise you what weight bat you should be using.


There are many smaller items of cricket equipment that are easy to forget: Sunglasses and cricket caps for sunny days; specialist footwear; and many other cricket accessories that will help you to achieve your goals. The fuller your kit bag the better, but make sure you put the hours in on the training pitch and work on your game all-year round. After all, you don’t want to be the guy who’s got all the gear and no idea!

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