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Browse an unrivalled choice of cricket batting gloves by famous brands like Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Adidas and Puma, to name just a few.

Shop senior, women’s and junior batting gloves for all levels and budgets.

Cricket batting gloves are an essential part of a batsman’s armoury, and the look, feel and flexibility of a pair of batting gloves cannot be underestimated. Cricket Direct UK offers affordable, pro-quality cricket gloves by Puma, Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, Gunn and Moore, Spartan, New Balance and many more world-renowned cricket brands. Browse Batting gloves online today – and get a grip on your opponent.

Pro-quality Gray-Nicolls Batting Gloves that marry tradition with transition. Ultimate protection, style and feel.

Mimic the stars with a pair of Kookaburra Batting Gloves. Think pro-quality batting gloves. Think Kookaburra.

One of the most important forms of protection for batsmen, GM have continued to improve their products even further by introducing a new small men’s size option in their ranges. GM batting gloves have always been designed to be a comfortable fit by contouring to the shape of the hand and this new additional size makes sure they have catered to all possible sizes offering comfort, flexibility, and quality protection.

With exceptional protection and unique styling, Puma batting gloves offer a fantastic blend of protection, feel and aesthetics.

Providing a snug fit giving you next-to-skin feeling whilst not making any compromises on the level of protection these gloves provide you with a good grip allowing you to play freely.

New Balance batting gloves represent great value and are endorsed by Ben Stokes and Aaron Finch. New to Cricket Direct for 2015.

Spartan MC, MP, SVR and CG Cricket Batting Gloves for the modern performer who desires style, flair and extreme protection.

Newbery Batting Gloves offer no-nonsense, traditional aesthetics because all of their energy is channelled into exceptional engineering.

Salix Batting Gloves boast traditional aesthetics, light profiles and superb comfort and protection. For the no-nonsense cricketer.

Millichamp & Hall Batting Gloves embrace quality engineering rather than fancy aesthetics. M&H CK22 Batting Glove is of international-quality.

Hunts County Cricket Batting Gloves promote comfort, durability and exceptional shock absorption with high density foam.

High-class, traditional designs with superb protection and comfort, browse our selection of Slazenger Batting gloves.

The Elite range sit at the top of the Ton batting gloves tree, offering Test match level specification with supreme foam cushioning.

Designed to provide a fully moulded fit. Lightweight with excellent impact protection.

Browse this range of Aero batting gloves. Aero are a brand that have broken the boundaries of protection on the cricket field.

Browse great value Hits Hard batting gloves online today for ‘hands on’ performance.

Traditional designs. Lightweight with superior feel and grip.

Mongoose produce quality and innovative batting gloves which boast a lively, colourful design – typical of the range.

Bradbury Cricket Batting Gloves offers fantastic value for those seeking ample protection on a budget.

Exceptional value Woodworm Cricket Batting Gloves provide solid protection at a price that won’t break the bank.

Pro-quality batting gloves by the foremost brands like GM, Gray-Nicolls and Adidas. These cricket gloves offer emphatic protection, grip and comfort.

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