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Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats 2020

All GM cricket bats 2020

They are made from English willow and designed and produced by GM’s own craftsmen and women in their Nottingham-based factory – perhaps the most technologically advanced in the World. GM cricket bats blend cutting edge DXM technology with over 130 years of craft experience.

Gunn & Moore have direct and complete control over every aspect of the GM cricket bat manufacturing process. The DXM process implements the findings of a five-year research programme into cricket bat materials and manufacturing technology. Substantial investment in research, expert advice and machinery means:

• Superior wood conditioning improves the stability and consistency of willow pre-production

• New paperless design process using cutting edge CAD (Computer Aided Design)

• Quantum improvements to the vital pressing operation

• Blade crafting by advanced CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

GM cricket bats 2020 feature different blade lengths. Each blade shape is optimised for a specific blade length, as the blade length decreases, handle length increases so that the overall length of the bat remains constant.

By engineering shorter blade designs, the COP (Centre of Percussion) and the vibrational nodes can be closer together creating a larger “sweet spot”. The longer handle allows for changes in grip position affecting the swing weight and speed of the bat when held closer to or further from the centre of gravity.

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