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Hunts County Cricket Bats

Hunts County Bats

Depend on true British quality at the crease with a Hunts County cricket bat. Outstanding value with a wide range of models to choose from, Hunts County cricket bats are ideal for ambitious club cricketers of all levels. Hunts County cricket bats 2018 include Revolution, Aura, Glory, Reflex, Neo, Envy, Caerulex and more. have a long, proud tradition and are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and extensive weight and profile range. Find the perfect model for you today.

The vibrant Hunts County Aura LPZ 900 Cricket Bat has a lower power zone with extra thick edges and a balanced pick-up

This range has been designed for the Big shots! A generous profile with an extended sweet spot to allow for maximum power through every shot.

If it is exceptional performance you strive for then the Tekton range carries all the features to give you confidence at the crease. With a large sweet spot and exceptional balance, there is no shortage of striking power.

Great value Hunts County Neo Cricket Bats have reinforced edge protection and exceptional durability.

The Hunts County Envy Cricket Bat boasts increased durability, all-round power and represents outstanding value. SH, LH and Junior Cricket Bat available.

Hunts County Caerulex Cricket Bat is one for the stylish traditionalists. Classic shape, bowed profile, extended sweet spot and extensive weight range.

The Hunts County Insignia Cricket Bat provides great balance at the crease with its retro profile, marrying pick-up and superior power.

Turbo charge your team’s innings with the Hunts County Revolution Turbo Cricket Bat. Join the revolution today.

Glory hunters take note: The Hunts County Glory Cricket Bat has an authoritatively beastly profile with supremely powerful edges. Built to last.

Reflex your dominance at the crease with a Hunts County Reflex Cricket Bat – optimum performance, massive sweet spot and brilliant balance.

Show your mettle with a Hunts County Mettle Cricket Bat, designed for immediate use. Reinforced blade protection promotes exceptional durability.

Hunts County Junior Cricket Bats include: Caerulex, Clipper, Triumph, Glory and more. High quality Junior Cricket Bats at very affordable prices.

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