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Millichamp and Hall cricket bats embody true British quality, exceptional craftmanship and great value. Winning multiple awards from leading cricket magazines, Millichamp & Hall bats are handmade at the County Ground, Taunton, with every blade produced with pride and attention to detail using traditional tools, techniques and skills that have been passed down through generations. Headlining M&H cricket bats 2018 is Nick Compton’s M&H NC654 Cricket Bat, made from pro grade English willow with enormous 50mm+ edges, which is joined by MH16, CK22, MH09, MH98 and MH87. It is the epic, aggressive edge profile that makes an M&H cricket bat stand out from the crowd – you really need to take a closer look at these extraordinary middles.

A classical profile designed to provide superior balance as well as providing a big middle for all those shots. The unique design of the bats allows for weight options to start from 2lb6oz giving you a great new ultralight option for seniors.

A traditional profile with big edges to provide power and performance with every shot. The profile offers a big middle without compromising on the balance.

A fine combination of a traditional profile with the powerful shape. The unique shape of the bat provides an oversized bat to offer a powerful middle however still maintains a traditionally prepared round face and edges.

The Millichamp & Hall NC654 Cricket Bat, designed in collaboration with Nick Compton, boasts Pro Grade English willow and enormous 50mm+ edges.

Millichamp & Hall MH16 Cricket Bats boastenormous 50mm+ edges and a monstrous hitting area.

Striking design and huge middle, the Millichamp & Hall CK22 Cricket Bat is difficult to resist. M&H have produced a diamond.

MH09 is a multi-award-winning cricket bat in reviews conducted by prestigious cricket magazines. Ultimate power-performance.

Buy a Millichamp & Hall Junior Cricket bat today and start reaping the rewards in runs. M&H is a wise choice for juniors.

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