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Newbery Cricket Bats


Newbery have been producing quality, handmade cricket bats since 1919, using prime English willow with traditional tools. Newbery cricket bats UK use the lessons learnt from a lengthy history to produce affordable, true British quality cricket bats.

Headlining Newbery cricket bats 2018 is the brand’s signature blade – the high-class Newbery Kudos 2 Cricket Bat, amply supported by the impressive Newbery Merlin and aggressive Newbery Blitz, with the Mjolnir, Uzi, Se7en, Krakatoa and Kudos completing this fine collection. All Newbery cricket bats come knocked-in and ready to use against an old ball in the nets. Further knocking-in is required.

Create your legacy with the beautifully crafted bat from Newbery. Classic design to complement the classic profile. Sticking to a traditional look to give that all round professional look and feel.

Get true British quality and exceptional performance with the Newbery Quantum Cricket Bat, as endorsed by Scotland Matt Machan.

This range designed for ultimate power using new innovative sculpting techniques to add depth and power right down to the toe of the bat. Subtle graphics, light pick, perfectly balanced.

Blitz your way to the top of the batting averages with this hugely popular T20 cricket bat – the Newbery Blitz. You can miss-hit it for six!

Perfectly shaped to provide power where it is required. Large edges and a lower sweet spot making it an ideal choice for club cricket.

Designed to give the perfect balance and feel. With a range of colours to choose from, discover your dark side!

The Newbery Seven Cricket Bat is sized between a Harrow and full sized SH. Slightly shorter and noticeably lighter, but with a full-size sweet spot.

a great range to suit all rounders. Designed to carry a large lower middle and a ‘duck bill toe’ to give greater power through every shoot.

Newbery Junior Cricket Bats do not compromise on quality. Hit further than your peers with these beautiful blades.

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