Kookaburra Cricket Bats 2016

Hand Crafted Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Kookaburra Cricket has long recognised that hand-making techniques are the best way to manufacture quality cricket bats. These techniques allow their master bat makers to utilise their skills and provide players of all levels a Kookaburra cricket bat that has been given the personal touch by an expert craftsman.

With recent extensive investment in Kookaburra’s cricket bat making facilities in the UK and India, the brand ensures it maintains its ‘hands on’ quality control, to ensure you get a cricket bat that has had the personal touch.

Kookaburra Cricket Bats 2016

The modern player performs with an unprecedented freedom of shots and it is the ability to play without fear that allows players to hit the ball further than ever before.

It would be nice for all brands to claim that the cricket bat is the primary reason for the prodigious distances hit by the game’s elite, but the reality is that the cricket bat is simply a tool of the trade, and as such acts in partnership with the cricketer who is more athletic and powerful than yesteryear.

The real challenge for any elite cricket bat maker is to produce bats which complement the ever-evolving skills of the modern day player. This challenge has been accepted and executed through Kookaburra cricket bats 2016 collection.

KAHUNA Iconic: The classic Kookaburra shape developed initially in consultation with Ricky Ponting and fine-tuned to meet the demands of the modern game. The choice of Ian Bell.

VERVE Progressive: Full profile, equally at home in Test match, ODI or T20, allowing a wide range of shots from the classical cover drive to the deft ramp. The choice of Jos Buttler.

ONYX Aggressive: A new profile featuring ‘weight redistribution technology’ to minimise weight without compromising power. The choice of Glenn Maxwell.

IGNITE Classical: Lightweight model with a traditional profile – ideal for the touch player who relies on timing rather than strength. The choice of Lydia Greenway.

BLADE Powerful: Convex shaping throughout the back of the bat maximises profile and power with an enhanced sweet spot. The choice of T20 MVP Darren Stevens.

GHOST Monster: Giant profile with minimal scalloping – for players looking beyond the boundary.

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