Bradbury Bat care

As soon as the bat leaves the workshop, it will be subject to wear and tear. To minimize the rigorous effects of cricket, Bradbury have developed a Bat Care Kit to prolong the life of your bat. Bats will also be supplied ready play in Australia, to lessen the possibility of damage due to inappropriate preparation. These bats should still be knocked in.

All staff at Bradbury have played cricket long enough to make an accurate assessment of what has happened to a cricket bat.

Willow is by its very nature, a soft wood, that when pressed, provides the rebound qualities required to strike the ball. Some small cracks are bound to occur on the bat, due to wear and tear, these will not affect its performance

Cheap Balls - Cheap balls are less resilient than well made, reputable brands. To use them is false economy. Basically, cheap balls will damage your bat in a very short time.

Use Protective Facing - This is a prime example where modern technology provides an exceptional solution to an old problem. In the OLD days, oiling with linseed oil over a prolonged period of time, married with countless hours of knocking in was required to prepare and season the willow prior to match play. We do not recommend more than one very light coat of oil. When this is dry, apply a protective facing. Then begin the knocking in process.

Bat willow is soft and light, but hardens when subjected to pressing with rollers, or hand hammering. The knocking in process aims to gradually stretch and press the fibres of the willow- like wearing in a pair of new leather boots.

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