Richard Evans takes a look at some highlights from Cricket Direct’s excellent collection of cricket club equipment and discusses bulk buy deals and cricket teamwear for 2016.

If you’re reading this then the chances are you love your cricket, and you’re not just an armchair fan but someone who will be spotted on your local village green in the midst of the action during the summer months.

Do you want your cricket club to enhance its facilities in 2016? Could your cricket team benefit from some catching aids, warm-up gear and cricket training equipment? Does your cricket club regularly get low scores on facilities marks?

There aren’t many perfect cricket clubs out there. Most clubs don’t have a bottom-less pit of money to splash out on state of the art cricket net facilities or the like. But some cricket ground equipment are simply priority purchases in order to get the game on.


First up, you must have a decent cricket scoreboard. It doesn’t need to be a pricy, brick extension to your pavilion if you don’t have the budget for it, but it must be adequate enough to be viewed from around the ground and updated with ease.

Cricket Direct sells a range of cricket scoreboards online to suit all levels and budgets.

Boundary ropes or boundary flags are also absolute essentials, with the former being the most effective method of marking out the playing area.

With cricket flags, it’s not always easy to tell whether a cricket ball has just crossed over the line or not, unless it is accompanied by a painted line, which still isn’t as effective as a cricket boundary rope.

Us Brits love talking about the weather and cricket lovers are all too familiar with April showers spilling in to May and beyond.

It’s why cricket pitch covers are so vital. If you can’t afford walk-on, wheelie cricket pitch covers with sophisticated drainage systems then that is perfectly understandable, but serious cricket clubs competing near the top of their league structure are likely to own these. If you’re on the lookout for one of these, please call: 01727 736953

Cricket Direct offer low cost cricket pitch covers which are laid flat and still keep out the majority of the rain – just make sure you don’t tread on it with spiked footwear.


There aren’t many cricketers who turn up in April in top fielding form. Cricket catching aids are vital for pre-season drills, cricket training evenings and pre-match warm-ups.

The best of the bunch come in the form of Crazy Catch nets, a Katchet ramp and a catching mitt. These really will boost your fielding skills in no time.

Sometimes it’s not even a case of transforming a cricketer from a poor fielder into a good one; even the best need to get their eye-in and feel the cricket ball in the hands before a game to enter the arena with confidence.


It’s not just fielders and wicket keepers who need to get their eye in; of course batsmen do too.

A batting Eye-In Trainer is an extremely useful tool for ensuring your hand-eye co-ordination is spot on before entering the battlefield – if you can find the middle with this then you’ll find batting a doddle with a normal cricket bat.

For bowlers, there are a number of cricket balls out there for bowling skills development. Cricket coaching balls include swing cricket balls, bouncer balls, spinner balls and more. The Kookaburra Super Coach cricket ball range is a great place to start.

Building on its popularity year after year, a cricket Sidearm Thrower is an excellent piece of kit for keen trainers and cricket coaches. Save your arm, serve up some effortless deliveries to your training partner and let him or her return the favour. The Sidearm is available in Pro or Club edition.

And we must not ignore the brilliance of a cricket bowling machine. Many cricket clubs may believe that a bowling machine is out of their grasp without raising their fundraising efforts, but we stock bowling machines to suit all levels and budgets.

Bola bowling machines are hugely popular and are a high quality solution that will take cricket training to a new level, while Paceman bowling machines and Heater bowling machines offer fantastic great value alternatives. The choice is yours.


Cricket Direct hosts a large selection of cricket teamwear to ensure you and your cricket club look smart, professional and ready for action.

Under Armour, Gray-Nicolls, GM and Canterbury are just some of the famous brands ready to serve your team with match-day cricket clothing and trainingwear. We are happy to discuss bulk buy deals for large club orders – enquire today:

We also have a number of cricket caps, trainingwear, sun hats, baggy caps, sweaters and coloured cricket clothing available.


Whether you’re running your cricket club on a shoestring budget or you’ve got a little bit of money in the pot to spend on revamping your facilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With the best choice of cricket equipment online, we’re best placed to help you get your hands on some excellent club cricket equipment, cricket teamwear and coaching aids to boost your players’ cricketing experience this season. Not too long to wait now!

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