Yes, it’s that time of year again. Indoor cricket nets have started and we can start working on our game once more.

Now that the frivolities of the festive season are out of the way, the 2016 season feels so much closer.

Indoor net sessions make for enjoyable practice but it’s difficult to truly mimic the summer game.

After all, indoor cricket nets make medium-pace trundlers look menacing, as wanna-be fast bowlers pepper batsmen with bouncers, only to find that the same length in the summer gets pulled for six.

Artificial light and ridiculous bounce makes it a nightmare for a rusty batter, while the bowler claims a wicket every time the batsman hits it remotely aerial.

But winter cricket practice is a useful means of getting the body moving again, reacquainting yourself with the physical rigours of this brilliant game. It’s also a chance to catch up with your team-mates.

Sidearms and bowling machines lend themselves as outstanding indoor cricket equipment, providing you with a means of drilling out those weaknesses and avoiding repetitive strain injuries, especially if you’re a coach.

If you have a net free, you can also do some fielding drills. Drop catches are most likely at the start of the season because cricketers rarely work on their catching in the winter months.

But with cricket training gear like Kathchet ramps and Crazy catch nets, you can make sure your fielding skills do not become rusty in the off-season.

Winter cricket nets gives you time to work on your game so that, come the summer, you feel fully conditioned to hit the ground running in your opening game.

Do not underestimate the importance of getting off to a solid start, from both a personal and team point of view. Victories, runs and wickets breed confidence.

But it’s not just your body and technique that needs conditioning for the new season. Your cricket equipment does to, which is why this is the ideal time to buy cricket gear.

Your cricket bat needs time to be “knocked-in” so that you can nurture that sweet spot and minimise the risk of breakages, while your body needs to adjust to its balance, weight and pick-up.

And it’s not just cricket bats that require a bit of time to ready themselves for game mode. Your new batting pads, batting gloves and cricket protection also need time to mould themselves around your limbs and to be “broken in”.

With all your new cricket gear, you need to use cricket net sessions to help you become fully accustomed to your kit so that it becomes just an extension of you when you’re at the crease.

It is with these reasons in mind that we advise that you buy back-up cricket kit before the season commences and start breaking it in today.

If your lucky batting gloves or batting pads are on their last legs, it is worth buying their replacement today.

Even if you manage to get through the first half of the season with your current protection, you can use your new protection in the nets so that you have complete confidence in your new cricket gear when your current items meet their demise.

If you do need help choosing the right cricket gear for you, please just ask – our cricketing experts are available on: 01727 736953

Or why not search the greatest choice of cricket gear online from the comfort of your own computer, iPad or mobile phone?


Main image courtesy of Loughborough Cricket Academy.

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