As we creep in to July, we’re entering the half-way point of the English cricket season.

Some of you may be riding high in the averages with your team sitting comfortably at the top of the table. Alternatively, you may be struggling to buy a run or wicket, playing for a team that just don’t know where their next win is going to come from.

Cricket is full of ups and downs. If you didn’t experience the lows then the highs wouldn’t be as glorious as they are.

If you’ve hit a bit of a low point in your game, personally, and struggling for confidence, just think: it could be worse. You could be an English footballer who has just been dumped out of the Euros by a team that is co-managed by a dentist. Or a politician or stock broker in the wake of the EU referendum result – no thanks.

Sometimes you just want to bury yourself in the sand – like I’m sure poor Roy Hodgson would like to do right now. But winners stand tall. Winners brush off their ill-fortune and rise to the occasion.

But sometimes it doesn’t just take a change of mind-set. Sometimes you need to put a little bit of work in to eliminate a few technical glitches that may have crept into your game.

For a batsman, sometimes playing on dodgy, wet tracks in the first part of the season allows little snags to creep in, while bowlers may have to work harder for their wickets in the second half of the campaign when the wickets improve.

So below we’ve listed six items that we feel will help you turn around your fortunes and start showing your team-mates and opposition what you’re all about.

Puma Batting Forever:

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CrazyCatch Catching Nets:

Catches win matches, which is why you should enhance your reactions and your close-range catching with one of these brilliant catching practice nets. SHOP NOW.

Crazy catch catching rebound net

Side Arm Pro

Get unrivalled batting practice with a Side Arm Pro thrower. Simply couple up with a team-mate and start developing your games. SHOP NOW.

Paceman Original S2 Cricket Bowling Machine

Practice at home in style. Complete with a 12-ball automatic feeder and variable speed up to 90kph. SHOP NOW.

Eye-In Batting Trainer

If you can get your eye-in with this practice bat, you’ll be sure to find the middle when it really matters. SHOP NOW.

Kookaburra Super Coach Swinger Ball

A two-piece leather ball with a rough and smooth side to enhance swing and fine-tune technique. SHOP NOW.

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