It’s getting to that time of year again. We’ve had a few winter nets and it has all come flooding back: the high elbow, the skip down the track, the cocked wrist and the tall leading arm.

And after abandoning the New Year’s “get-fit” campaign after one week, our conscience is now barging us towards a pre-season fitness regime.

As individuals, we could of course get some mileage under our belts before game one of the new season, whether it be on the road, at the gym or down the nets.

At Cricket Direct, we can help you do just that, as we have a number of running shoes, cricket training clothing and sports base layers to help you achieve your pre-season fitness goals.


Let’s face it, if you need to replace a few items in your cricket kit bag – and you take your batting seriously – then it is imperative to buy your new cricket gear as soon as possible.

Why? You ask. Well, we don’t wish to hurry you, but most of us batters try to avoid changing cricket equipment mid-season.

We like to get used to the feel and grip of our batting gloves; allow time for our batting pads to naturally mould around our legs; and accustomise ourselves with the pick-up of a new cricket bat during the winter months before unleashing it on a major match day.

Some of you reading this will think we’re just being prima donnas – and there is an element of truth in that – but the batsman is a superstitious, pedantic specie.

And our professional opinion is that your cricket gear should feel like a mere extension of your body, truly conditioned to you.

So our advice is to rummage through your cricket kit bag – maybe now or when you get home this evening – and ask the question “will all this stuff really get through the rigours of a whole season?”

You may believe it will, which is great, but you may decide that one, two or several items are looking a bit battle-hardened.


When it comes to a cricket bat, you may love your current Blade of Glory. You may not want to replace it, but the reality is that you will have to – perhaps this week, perhaps in a year or twos’ time.

Many batsmen find it comforting to own a back-up cricket bat.

Some people buy a cheaper model – just something to use in the nets occasionally or in a state of emergency if you’re chosen one breaks mid-innings.

But many others – and I have to admit I am one of them – prefer to buy a future number one cricket bat rather than a new number two cricket bat.

Invest in a cricket bat that you can see yourself using when you’re current cricket bat finally meets its demise. I don’t wish to alarm you, but it will happen.

Choose your future number one today by browsing the best choice of cricket bats online.


Now if you’ve had a look-see at your cricket bag and feel that multiple items of you batting gear are on their way out – or indeed your cricket bag has also seen better days – then a Cricket Direct cricket bundle deal may be ideal.

Our cricket bundles are available as glove and pad combos, an assortment of bat, gloves and pads, or the former with a bag thrown in for good measure. We’re adding more to the site every week so the chances are there are more cricket bundles online today than the last time you had a peek.

Of course, the other big positive with a cricket bundle is that you’ll look like a pro. Smart club cricket teamwear, plus all the cricket gear from one major cricket brand, will make you look like you really mean business.

Wicket keepers, we also have bundle deals for you and it is also vital that you get used to your wicket keeping gear immediately.

When you enter the first game and you’re greeted with a match-defining catching chance, you don’t want to be testing out or breaking in your brand new pair of wicket keeping gloves or wicket keeping pads. You want to have 100% faith in them from the moment you cross that boundary rope in late April.


And bowlers, you’ll be hitting those nets hard, no doubt, and let’s face it – it quite nice to get those batters hopping around in those bouncy indoor surfaces.

So get yourself a new cherry today to aid your quest for batting flesh! We’ve got outstanding cricket balls by Kookaburra, Readers and Dukes, as well as many others.


So that’s the individuals sorted but what can you do to ensure your cricket club is prepared as a whole?

You may well have a pre-season DIY cricket week planned when you and your clubmates start readying the ground for the new season.

However, some cricket ground equipment, such as cricket pitch covers and cricket sight screens, may be subject to lengthier delivery times compared to smaller, more standard items of cricket gear.

So try to take stock and make a decision on what major club cricket equipment you require as soon as possible, ensuring your ground is ship-shape for the new campaign.

We’ve got lots to say on exciting new cricket ground equipment and coaching aids, so we’ll be writing a whole blog post on it next week.

So there you go folks, the UK cricket season is only a few months away. Train hard, be prepared and make 2016 YOUR season.

And please don’t forget that if you need any help in determining the right cricket gear for you or your club, please do not hesitate to contact one of our cricketing experts on 01727 736 953. After all, we love talking cricket.

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