Kookaburra have long recognised that hand-making techniques are the best option to manufacture quality cricket bats. These techniques allow Kookaburra’s master cricket bat makers to breathe life into every Kookaburra cricket bat. With recent extensive investment in their cricket bat-making facilities in the UK and India – the highly popular brand are confident that this gives us them the ultimate in ‘hands on’ quality control.


Twenty20 has revolutionised the game and range of shots at awesome speed, but not all players employ the same style. The most important factor when choosing a cricket bat is to ensure that its profile, technical design and weight suits you. In order to maximise your run-scoring potential it is imperative that you take time to consider exactly what you want from your cricket bat.

In creating the 2015 Kookaburra cricket collection, the cricket brand appreciates that there are many individual nuances in the way each player bats, and have identified and structured the impressive range around four differing types of player and their approach whilst at the crease: Iconic, contemporary, aggressive, progressive.


Carefully selected by hand from only the finest clefts of willow available, Kookaburra cricket bats are produced to the utmost standard. Longstanding traditional methods in willow grading ensure that every single cricket bat Kookaburra produce’s, is the best that it can be within any individual grade.

Every piece of hand-selected willow is different, and therefore it is not possible to automate production if one wishes to produce the best cricket bats. Remarkably, there are over 50 different individual processes that go into the production of each Kookaburra cricket bat, allowing the master bat maker to use his craft and experience to optimise the pressing, profile, balance and performance of each cricket bat.

Renowned for an impeccable ‘performance to durability’ ratio, players of all levels can be confident that, whether you’re working hard in the nets or walking out at the MCG, their Kookaburra cricket bat fits the bill perfectly.


Kookaburra use traditional methods to produce their cricket bats – they are handmade and not machine-manufactured, which gives Kookaburra’s master cricket bat maker the opportunity to use his skills to produce the best bat possible from every cleft of willow. In these days of mass production it is reassuring to know that there are centuries of experience going into the production of every single Kookaburra cricket bat, giving players every chance of making centuries for themselves.

Historically, bat makers have defined the various grades of willow based on the percentage of heart (red) wood there is in a particular cleft, as generally speaking more red wood means the cricket bat will be harder, less responsive and correspondingly cheaper. If outright performance is vital, you should always select a bat with a greater white to red wood ratio.

Kookaburra bat grading is exemplary in the market; although pricing has increased over time the grading has not slipped and as such neither has the quality.

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