Published on: 12th January 2015

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January is the best time of year to buy new cricket gear online in the UK. Many cricketers across the country will be feeling a wee bit festively plump after the holiday season and will be desperate to adorn those cricket whites, travel to their local cricket nets and start sweating out December’s intake of mince pies, turkey legs and advent calendar chocolate.

With winter cricket nets on the horizon and having had a bit of time off of work around the festive period, you may have found time to go through your cricket bag. Once you have sorted through the unwashed cricket socks, knee supports and filthy energy bar wrappers, you may discover that some or many of the cricket gear items you used last year are in need of replacement or upgrade.

Don’t wait until the eve of the new cricket season to buy cricket equipment. Here’s five reasons why you should buy cricket equipment in January:

Most UK cricket clubs start their winter training programme from the first or second week of January, building up to the start of the cricket season in late-April/early May. Winter cricket nets provide a fantastic opportunity to get use to the feel and pick-up of your new cricket bat, or ample time to break-in your new batting pads or batting gloves.

Most 2015 cricket gear ranges will be available in January, with the exceptions of some minor cricket brands or a small selection of items. However, with the big boys (Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, Puma, Adidas, GM and Spartan, for instance), the vast majority of products will be available and in-stock ready to dispatch to you. If you’re the type of cricketer who always wants to be utilising the latest cricket equipment, then the time’s ripe to choose the product and brand that you’ll be adorning in 2015.

With most of the new cricket ranges already on the shelves, this is the time of year when online cricket gear retailers may have great offers on cricket bats and cricket equipment from last year’s ranges. With new cricket equipment coming in every week, retailers naturally need to create room by offloading cricket gear from the previous season. Be on the lookout for great cricket clearance items.

Custom made cricket bats ensure that you get the most ideal cricket bat for you – a tailor-made Blade of Glory that will give you every chance of achieving your cricketing best in the New Year. Due to the bespoke nature of the product, custom made cricket bats may take over a month to be delivered to the consumer, so ordering in January will still allow for ample time to knock-in a cricket bat and get accustomed to it in the nets before the new cricket season begins.

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