If you play your cricket in the UK, you’ll be enjoying a well-earned rest after a long 2015 campaign. But after two months of putting your feet up and reminiscing about those great catches, boundaries and jaffers – you’re missing it, aren’t you?

You’re pining for the feeling of leather on willow, the dressing room banter, the exuberant wicket celebrations and the smell of fresh cut grass.

You may be a keeno who has started winter cricket nets early but the majority of us UK cricketers will look to spark back into life from January.

In our humble opinion, winter is the ideal time to buy cricket equipment online so that you have ample time to condition your new cricket bat and break-in your new cricket protection for the new season.

Come mid-April/May, you want to be fully accustomed to your new cricket gear. You don’t want bulky pads and thigh guards that have yet to mould themselves to your limbs, as this will hinder your comfort and freedom of movement. And you don’t want a cricket bat that still has that brand new, half-knocked-in feeling.

Buy Cricket Gear Online

Buy cricket gear online today and be fully prepared for when it really matters.

You want to be 100% ready for action, which is why this is the time to buy, test and condition all your new cricket gear so that it becomes just an extension of your body for when the stage is set for that big performance in the summer.

And, of course, if you shop with Cricket Direct, there are already lots of brand new 2016 cricket ranges available to view and buy, so you’re not forced to order last season’s cricket equipment – although there are still some great 2015 items left over, with many now heavily reduced in price.

So don’t put it off. Browse the best choice of cricket gear online at Cricket Direct UK – your home of quality, affordable cricket equipment. Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra and Gunn & Moore are just some of the brand new 2016 cricket gear collections that have hit our shelves and are ready to dispatch to you.

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