Choosing a Cricket Bat?

Published on: 15th February 2019

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Choosing a cricket bat can be quite a daunting task with so many different brands promising great quality cricket bats, new designs, extreme power hitting profiles it can be quite a challenge in knowing exactly which bat is right for you. So here at cricket direct we are going to give you a few tips on what you should be looking for when trying to purchase a cricket bat. 

Bat Sizes 

If you’re buying a bat for a junior then with the assistance of the size guide you should be able to find the appropriate bat size. For adults however it can be tricky on deciding whether you need to go for a short handle, a long handle or a long blade.  

The general rule of thumb is that if you are between 5,8 and 6,2 then short handle should be perfect for you, however if you are taller than 6,2 then the question arises as to whether you need a long handle or a long blade.  

Long or Short? 

The key difference between the long blade and long handle is where the extra 2.2 cm fits in. For those of you who prefer the traditional handle length for comfort may prefer to go for the long blade. This means you have that extra length to help you get into a comfortable position at the crease without having to adjust your hands to accommodate a longer handle. The only down side of this is the heavier pick up as the longer blade will mean more willow below the handle.  For those of you who actually prefer not to have the extra weight and instead can adjust the position of their hands to accommodate a long handle would choose the long handle bat. This being a very personal choice has to be made by the individual. 

Following on from that, there is also the phenomenon of short blades. These bats unlike the long blades are not designed to help your batting position but really just an innovative way to give you an advantage at the crease. The Mongoose MMi3 was probably the most renowned short blade bat, and was designed to give maximum sweet spot making it an ideal profile for limited overs. The shorter blade means the same mass is presented over a shorter space giving a larger sweet spot. So the format in which you play will probably determine what type of blade you wish to go for. 

Big hitter vs Classic stroke maker? 

Then you come to the bat profile. Again with so many variations it can be difficult to know which profile is suitable for you. To narrow it down, there are three main types of players at which bats are catered for. You have the classic shot makers who will ideally prefer a traditional blade, then you have the innovative shot makers who will be inclined to try out profiles such as the scoop and finally you have the big hitters who will want to reap the benefits of thick edged profiles. 

With this is also the issue of weights, whilst this is again personal preference, most bats will start from 2.8 with the popular weight being around 2.9-2.10.

Sweet strokes 

Following on from this there is also the issue of the type of player you are so if you are more inclined to be a front foot player the theory is that it would be more beneficial for you to have a bat with a low sweet spot, and if you are more of a back foot player then you would opt to go for a middle sweet spot or high sweet spot. This also has some bearing on the type of wicket you play on so for English wickets with low bounce you will benefit from a low sweet spot. On the other end of the spectrum you have pitches in Australia which are often hard and offer quite some bounce, making it more appealing to have a bat with a higher sweet spot. So this will have a lot of bearing on where you intend to play and the type of batsman you are. 

Finishing touches 

Now for the little things that make your bat purchase complete. As you may be aware certain bat accessories can be included with the bat whether you prefer an extra grip, or want a toe guard fitted, or have the bat oiled and knocked in. Most of these services as they are optional would require you to pay extra, however there are certain instance where a bat comes pre prepared, or with a toe guard fitted. So it helps to know what you are getting. 

Following on from this many of you will be aware that the price you pay is for the quality of the willow used to make you bat which with your careful preservation will mean you get maximum performance out of your bat. 

Other things you may want to consider is the brands. Whilst some have built up a reputation over many years, other brands that may be new will have the innovative thinking to bring new profile designs.  

And finally always buy from a reputable company, one who has experience in selling cricket bats and have been around long enough to provide good quality for the price you pay.   

With all this in mind, browse our great selection of cricket bats, with refined shapes and striking new graphics, make 2019 your year!  

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