Gray Nicolls Custom Made Cricket Bats

Published on: 18th March 2019

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Cricket Direct has been very fortunate to have worked with Gray Nicolls to launch two extremely successful collaborations in recent years, the Chimera and Cerberus range. 

The custom made however goes one step further; it gives you the chance to work with Gray Nicolls master bat makers to produce your very own masterpiece;  where you get to choose from a number of profiles, a selection of grips, an array of designs to produce a bat like none other, tailored to your needs. 

Gray Nicolls is renowned for their premium quality bats. Having been around for over 100 years, their experience and expertise is second to none. Gray Nicolls bats have been used by the likes of W. G. Grace to the modern heroes of the game, and throughout the years Gray Nicolls has provided the highest quality of cricket bats to its ambassadors. 

Gray Nicolls uses hand selected premium willow, handcrafted in Britain to give you a cricket bat that is tailored to your needs. With up to date profiles to choose from, you can be assured that your bat has received professional treatment that can provide you with ultimate performance.  

Custom made bats provide you with great value and superior quality bats. What makes them so unique is that you get the professional treatment in being able to have a say in every detail of thebat so that you are provided with a Gray Nicolls bat designed specifically for your game. 

The process which takes approximately 3-4 weeks, ensures that your bat is treated with the utmost care and delivered with great attention to detail.  

So why not get inspired this season with the biggest summer of cricket just round the corner, anddesign you very own masterpiece ready for 2019!  

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