All Gunn & Moore cricket bats made from English Willow and enhanced with DXM cricket bat technology are designed and produced by GM’s very own craftsmen and women in their Nottingham-based factory. That means you are getting true British quality handcrafted into every GM cricket bat.

The GM factory is one of the most, if not the most, technologically-advanced cricket bat factory in the world. Only Gunn & Moore marry cutting edge DXM technology with over 130 years craft expertise, which is why it’s a wise choice to place your faith in a GM cricket bat. Gunn & Moore industry-leading cricket bat manufacturing innovation is up there with the best – many other cricket brands are not made on their own premises.

GM are hands-on and have direct and absolute control over every process that goes into manufacturing a cricket bat, with stunning profiles that meet the high demands of the English market and international players worldwide. Players who endorse Gunn & Moore cricket bats include Joe Root (Six6), Shane Watson (Icon), Quinton de Kock (Mogul F4.5) and Ross Taylor (octane F2).

Gunn & Moore English Willow cricket bats are expertly crafted to produce the optimum balance available from a particular cleft of timber. As all top players understand, the ‘feel’ or ‘pick-up’ of a cricket bat is vitally important to a batsman’s hitting potential and playability – it’s not all about the size of the middle but the balance between power and pick-up.

Gunn & Moore have introduced the GM Pick-Up Index – an assessment made at the factory by the batmaker of the cricket bat’s relative pick-up – which will prove useful in helping batsmen select the right Gunn & Moore cricket bat to suit their style and technique.


Gunn & Moore’s DXM manufacturing process is the implementation of a five-year research programme into cricket bat materials and manufacturing technology. This investment has truly paid off with the provision of superior wood conditioning, which means you know you’re getting stable English willow due to greater consistency of willow production. You’ll also get excellent blade crafting by advanced computer aided manufacturer and quantum improvements to the all-important pressing process.

GM’s DXM technology allows the Nottinghamshire-based cricket giant to offer precise replicas of leading Gunn & Moore players. The brand’s unique CAM process produces cricket bats to the precise player profile and dimensions. Even the village cricketer can have star-quality in their batting mitts. Player Edition cricket bats are available exclusively to GM 5 Star Dealers with Cricket Direct being among those exclusively selected.


GM F-TECH is a direct result of Gunn & Moore’s continual research and development with their sports science partners, resulting in contemporary, high performance cricket bats for the 2015 cricket season. F-TECH offers the player a choice of cricket bat faces and the 2015 GM cricket bat range is complete with F7, F4.5 and F2 face-types, with F4.5 being to most common among the new collection.


GM English willow cricket bats are available in eight qualities: Original L.E. (the crème de la crème), Original, 909, 808, 707, 606, 404 and 303, with each quality developed around different grades of willow. Learn more about the typical characteristics of each quality of GM bat grading. The Gunn & Moore range of cricket bats is designed to suit every technique and budget.


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