Crazy Catch is the ultimate rebound net and cricket catching aid that lends itself as a fantastic Christmas present for any cricketer. Choose from Cricket Direct’s range of different sized Crazy Catch catching practice nets to suit your personal requirement and help you to improve your catching skills and reflexes, whilst having great fun.

Ultimate Rebound Net

Crazy Catch Wildchild Catching Net

Crazy Catch Wildchild

Take more catches, win more matches, develop your batting technique and speed up your reactions with Crazy Catch. So, now you’re sold on the idea, which is the right Crazy Catch for you?

Crazy Catch Freestyle: A great handheld, portable coaching aid that offers endless hours of family fun in the garden or at the park. Hone your cricket catching skills with the Freestyle, where the cricket coach is able to alter power and direction. Great Christmas gift idea for the developing cricketer.

Crazy Catch Upstart Classic: A great little Crazy Catch net, perfect for kids to play in the garden and have fun taking catches. The INSANE reactions will provide hours of fun whilst also improving hand eye co-ordination and reactions.

Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic: Our most popular model, the Wildchild Crazy catch net is a great size for the home – a big target yet still portable. Test out your speed on the SANE side before your reactions can be tested with the INSANE side.

Crazy Catch Professional Classic: The Crazy Catch Professional is our largest model, designed for top level cricketers of those that are extremely ambitious and wish to reach new heights. The Professional is excellent for large cricket team practices, warm-ups or school cricket practice. Large surface target.

Buy Crazy Catch Catching Rebounds Nets online

Check out our range of Crazy Catch nets today – a fantastic Christmas present for the individual cricket fan, and a great addition for cricket clubs and schools.

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