Last week I was invited to visit New Balance’s sparkling new offices in Warrington to view their 2017 cricket range.

After a trouble-free journey up the M1/M6 I was welcomed in a lovely meet and greet area with a nice warm latte and lunch.

New Balance Cricket HQ

The afternoon was spent looking at new products that will be available from mid-November 2016 in time for the Christmas rush, and with top stars like Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Steve Smith and Aaron Finch in their stable of pro’s, I am sure the demand will be high.

New Balance Cricket Bats Go Big

New Balance Cricket Bats 2016

New Balance cricket bats will be expanded from three to six grades in 2017, which will cover all price points, plus at the top end there will be a Limited Edition cricket bat, which will have very limited stock and will be crafted from the finest willow. Fortunately, Cricket Direct will be able to offer this headline bat range to our valued customer base but be warned that they may sell out very quickly.

The existing New Balance TC range, which is endorsed by Root and Finch, has a mid-swell profile with large edges and a great pick-up, whilst the New Balance DC range is used by Stokes and Smith, and has a low-swell but the same large edges and an excellent pick up.

The new colourways are superb and will catch your attention. Unfortunately I cannot disclose what the colours are due to confidentiality agreements, but watch this space.

New Balance Cricket Gear

New Additions to New Balance Cricket 2017

New Balance cricket protection has been expanded from three choices to six in 2017, with regards to New Balance batting gloves and pads, which cater for all levels and abilities, while New Balance wicket keeping gloves, inners and wicket keeping pads will be introduced to the market.

Superb colours and graphics adorn the expanded 2017 New Balance cricket bag range, which will cover all the price points, while lower body protection, cricket bat covers and replacement grips will also be welcome additions to the collection.

The existing CK10, 4020, 4030, 4040 New Balance cricket shoe models will remain but in eye-catching new colourways along with a junior version, which I am sure will prove to be very popular.

Join the Stars

New Balance Cricket Endorsers

All in all, New Balance Cricket 2017 is a highly impressive collection for the contemporary cricketer, which we are expecting to sell very well considering its star-studded list of endorsers. You can count on Cricket Direct’s commitment to this exciting brand.

By Bob Ludlum

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