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OK. The weather may be a tad variable, but the sun has graced us with her presence a fair few times this season, and we hope she’ll step out into the limelight for much of July and August.

You may have a cricket cap in your bag. You may have sunscream and sun-protection lipbalm. But perhaps it is time you invested in a new pair of cricket sunglasses.

Of course when we say ‘cricket sunglasses’ we usually mean generic sports sunglasses that we believe offer good vision on the cricket field.

But this season we are delighted to inform you that we do in fact have cricket sunglasses that have been made specifically for, you guessed it, cricket.

Well isn’t that exciting? Oakley Prizm Cricket Sunglasses boast a revolutionary lens technology that fine-tunes vision for cricket – you should see what you’ve been missing.

There are three models available, including RadarLock Pitch, Radar EV and M2XL.

And of course we have a whole host of great value cricket sunglasses by Gray-Nicolls and Kookaburra, as well as sports sunglasses by Adidas, Uvex, Aspex and more.


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