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SF Cricket Bats

New SF cricket bats have landed at Cricket Direct and they are very impressive indeed. These form just a small part of our international, all-star cast of cricket bats for 2015. These extremely powerful cricket bats pack a serious punch, with their massive middles poised for action.

Bowlers will be wincing at the sight of these commanding profiles and the superior amount of grains – especially on the top-end SF cricket bats. You really are getting full value for your money and your strokes.

SF Limited Edition Cricket Bat SF Triumph Cricket Bat SF Platinum Cricket Bat SF Black Edition Cricket Bat SF One Dayer Cricket Bat SF Dr Smith Cricket Bat

The Dr Smith Cricket Bat is an ultra-powerful blade used by West Indian big hitter Dwayne Smith, who is currently showcasing this strapping piece of willow in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The SF LE Cricket Bat is a high performance blade made from premium English Willow, with new compression technology adopted for optimum rebound reward. Advanced preparation method ensures this bat is ready for anything thrown at it.

At the time of publication, there are stil some SF cricket bats yet to be uploaded, but these will be on the website very soon. You’ll find them here:

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